Our mission is to greatly improve health outcomes and wealth incomes for working People, Employer Plans and Care Providers.

Catapult helps employers address their biggest challenges in creating exceptional workplaces. The organization launched at the start of 2021 when two renowned employer associations merged: Capital Associated Industries (CAI) and The Employers Association (TEA). With over 60 years of collective experience, Catapult serves more than 2,400 member companies across North Carolina and beyond. It provides education, training, advice, and consulting services to organizations of all sizes and industries. Hero Health is proud to be Catapult’s partner for group healthcare solutions.

The Team

Patrick Long

Plan Architect & Partner

Founder and affordable healthcare evangelist

Brooke Palmer


Operations and office manager

Vinay Patel, Pharm.D.

Pharmacy Care Director

Pharmacy exec focused on population health management

Lee Phillips

Marketing Director

Global healthcare marketer and brand strategist

Our Partners

Validation Institute is a third-party for healthcare purchasing professionals, vendors, and benefits advisors to help reduce employer healthcare costs.

The Health Rosetta helps public and private employers and unions provide better care for 157 million Americans while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%.

Bluedoor connects digital health to life by leveraging emerging digital health technologies to engage consumers in their health whilst reducing the cost of care.

The Birth of Hero Health

Hero Health was created to empower employers to take back control of their health plans. For far too long, the big carriers and their PBM cartel have been gouging working people and powerless employers. Hero changes everything. Founder Patrick Long grew up in the Triad and now lives in the Triangle. He spent most of his career helping mid-sized businesses improve efficiency and grow EBITDA. Executives often asked him to help improve their employee benefits – but until he experienced health issues firsthand, Long was not aware of how pervasive these problems were.

His PPO ranked surgeons by distance and price – not quality or experience. With a few calls, Long discovered that the least expensive surgeon actually had the best outcomes, while the most expensive doctor performed the fewest procedures. This disconnect is built into the status quo PPO, which steers employees to the closest and more costly options. Long vowed to create a new plan for employers that would not only improve health outcomes, but also protect incomes for working people, their employers, and the top providers.

And so Hero Health was born.

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